Pain Psychology

Dr Mike Shelley (Charlestown), Ms Justine Clark (Charlestown) and Ms Suzanne Osei (Hunter Valley) are our pain psychologists.

Mike, Suzanne & Justine have extensive experience in general psychology and special expertise in chronic pain. Pain psychology helps people to develop better strategies to manage pain independently.

Pain Psychology emphasises practical techniques to improving quality of life and developing the ability to "self-manage" chronic pain.

Pain Psychology programs are an accepted evidence-based strategy for improving quality of life for people living with chronic pain.

Common features of a Psychology of Pain program:

    • Education about chronic pain.


    • Managing unhelpful thoughts that can worsen disability.


    • Helping establish strategies such as exercise and activity management to improve function.


    • Reducing reliance on medications, rest and other unhelpful strategies.


    • Attending to general psychology issues such as mood and anxiety.


Referral to Justine, Suzanne or Mike normally comes through the general practitioner or pain specialist.

NIPM has a training program for psychologists interested in pain management. If you are a psychologist interested in practical experience in pain psychology please contact our Practice Manager, Tara.

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