Spinal Cord Stimulation effective for low back pain

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) is an implantable pain management device. It involves small flexible electrodes (“leads”) being placed in the epidural space of the spine through needles. Safe electrical pulses are passed through the leads – which creates a powerful pain blocking effect for lower back pain.

Traditional SCS: Conventional (low frequency) SCS has been regarded as a useful technique for neuropathic (nerve) pain for many years. Low frequency (conventional) SCS techniques create a buzzing tingling feeling when switched on. This sensation “blocks” pain sensation. This type of SCS has never been a reliable or proven treatment for low back pain.

New High Frequency SCS: Over the last 5 years a new type of SCS has been developed by Nevro Corporation in the USA. It’s different in several important ways:

(1) The new system used high frequency pulses which cannot be felt – so the treatment is “silent”.

(2) The new system is much more effective for low back pain than conventional SCS treatment. A recent high quality clinical trial conducted by Nevro Corporation confirms this. The trial was closely supervised by the FDA in the USA.

Our clinical experience with the Nevro high frequency SCS device goes back to the initial stages of the device’s use in Australia. We feel that the device is a revolutionary new tool for the treatment of low back pain.

The device certainly isn’t appropriate for all patients, and only some patients with low back pain are suitable.

More information is available through the NIPM team, or at the Nevro website at www.nevro.com

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